Vital Connect, Inc.

Vital Connect, Inc.

Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring

The VitalConnect platform enables unprecedented predictive analytics and continuous, real-time monitoring, allowing healthcare providers to respond immediately to urgent situations, sometimes days in advance. This design connects all of the caregivers involved in a patient’s care by providing them with access to valuable information.

The VitalPatch® biosensor is the most visible component of a powerful platform that puts valuable data at the fingertips of healthcare providers allowing for predictive analytics. It’s powered by the VitalCore™ processor, a proprietary integrated circuit designed to provide the performance and power required by the entire platform.

Next comes a unique signal processing capability and a set of biometric software algorithms that enable the VitalConnect solution to read, monitor and make sense of the patient vitals that VitalPatch provides on a continuous basis.

Open, scalable and highly secure cloud connectivity is another important part of the VitalConnect platform. This enables the measurement data that VitalPatch secures from patients to be instantaneously delivered to servers, computers and mobile devices, available for real-time analysis by healthcare professionals. In addition, VitalConnect’s high-volume manufacturing capabilities produce the elements of the platform with quality second to none.

VitalConnect is based in San Jose, CA and Dr. Stephen Reeders has joined the company's Board of Directors.

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Mr. Peter Van Haur

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Chief Executive Officer

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