GT Medical Technologies

GT Medical Technologies

Brain tumor treatment

GT Medical Technologies commercializes the GammaTile, an innovative, surgically-implanted brain cancer treatment.

Traditional brain cancer treatment commonly involves surgical tumor removal followed by several courses of external beam radiation therapy to kill remaining tumor cells. Although effective in many cases, external beam therapy carries significant limitations: it struggles to target irregularly-shaped and large tumors, causing high tumor recurrence rates; it damages healthy surrounding brain tissue, causing unnecessary side effects; and it is commonly delivered over multiple courses, requiring significant patient follow-up.

The GammaTile replaces external beam by placing a bioresorbable tile embedded with radioactive Cesium into the tumor bed at the time of surgery. This approaches enhances local tumor control, minimizes off-target complications, and reduces the burden on patients and their families by reducing the number of needed follow up visits.

GT Medical is based in Tempe, AZ. Kyle Dempsey and Stephen Reeders represent MVM's investment in the company, and Kyle has joined the Board of Directors.

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Matthew Likens

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Chief Executive Officer

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1809 South Holbrook Lane
Suite 107
Tempe, AZ 85281