Cheetah Medical, Inc.

Cheetah Medical, Inc.

Non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring

Based in Newton, Mass., Cheetah Medical develops, manufactures, and markets NICOM (Non-invasive Cardiac Output and Hemodynamic Monitoring System), which delivers continuous, accurate, noninvasive cardiac output and other vital hemodynamic parameters.

NICOM can be used in a wide array of critical clinical situations such as trauma, shock, sepsis, heart failure, dehydration, and kidney failure. Major sites of use are the ICU, emergency room and operating room. NICOM use improves outcomes in trauma patients, reducing average length of stay significantly. Reducing length of hospital stay reduces healthcare costs, which is a top priority for hospitals worldwide.

NICOM is US FDA cleared and EU CE Marked and is currently used in more than 20 countries and 25 of the top 50 US hospitals.

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Mr. Chris Hutchison

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President and CEO

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1320 Centre Street, Suite 404
Newton Center, MA 02459