Alliance Pharma plc

Alliance Pharma plc

Legacy pharmaceutical products

Alliance Pharma plc is a speciality pharmaceutical group based in the United Kingdom. The group was founded in 1998 and has established a strong track record via acquisition, in-licensing new opportunities and forming mutually beneficial business partnerships of acquiring the rights to established niche brands; currently owning or licensing 57 prescription brands.

Alliance maintains strategic and controlling functions with a management team possessing considerable large pharmaceutical company experience. More labour and capital intensive functions are outsourced to maximise efficiency and profitability.

The core of Alliances' activities are primarily in the UK, France, Germany and Ireland with progressive and considered development into selective international markets, including via a joint venture into China.

Alliance focuses on prescription branded and OTC medicines in the human medical sector but are willing to look at all therapeutic areas including exploring opportunities in semi-ethicals and related medical devices.

Contact Name
Mr. Peter Butterfield

Company Position
Chief Executive Officer

Contact Address
Avonbridge House
Bath Road
SN15 2BB