Xention Acquires Clinical Development Compound

Xention Ltd has announced that it has acquired exclusive rights to develop certain ion channel modulators from Scion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of Medford, MA.

The compounds were originally developed at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) with whom Xention have entered into a separate agreement under which they will assume and amend the previous license agreement with Scion.

The licensed compounds may be tested to determine efficacy in a number of disorders including overactive bladder (OAB), irritable bowel syndrome and erectile dysfunction.

The most advanced compound has already been subjected to pre-clinical and Phase I clinical development and will be developed further by Xention for the treatment of OAB.

Around 50 million people worldwide suffer from OAB disorders and the market is expected to grow to US$2billion by 2008 in the US alone.

Xention Limited

Xention Limited
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